Fae Symbol

Welcome to Miami, Florida!

Sun, sand, oceans and dreams all clamor within the city. But underneath the normal joy of the place there's something else.
There are those that would cultivate the dreams of those around them.Those dreams can be joyous and delightful, dreams of frolicking animals, nobles fighting dragons, heroic teddy bears that protect children. Delightful dreams to bring a smile and sooth the soul.
But always bear in mind that nightmares lurk in the darkness. The hand that wraps around the ankle at night time, the grinning hunger in the dark, like biting ice. Those that destroy, rip the magic out of the mortals around them like a butcher takes to sheep.
There's another name for this place. Oh the official titles among these dreaming beings is Caer Flamenco, the land of Milk and Honey....
... But it is also known as Caer Bedlam. A land of insanity.
Come join the fun, won't you?

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